The third story, told in book six and seven, sees the author being replaced by Gen Urobuchi (albeit he is less of hack than he usually is). Things take a turn for the edgy as Punpun reunites with Aiko only to be forced to kill her abusive mother in a bizarre encounter that quickly escalates. Punpun and Aiko then flee and the story fades away into a fever dream of an ending with Aiko hanging herself and an exhausted Punpun resigning himself to die at the abandoned factory he and his friends went to as kids. However, Punpun is “rescued” when his friend(?) Sachi finds him. In the final scene Punpun has a chance encounter with Harumi, a childhood friend who had moved away long ago, giving Punpun a fleeting sense of nostalgia and then the story ends. This ending is poetic in a number of ways. All of Punpun’s previous actions are made meaningless with nothing working out for him even in the end where he is denied a silent exit from this cruel world and is forced to continue a miserable existence. There is no fanfare, rather than burn out the story simply fades away. It is absolutely ordinary and realistic in a way that stories rarely are. For the story told in the last two books, I couldn’t think of a more fitting ending.

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